If the system is designed for 3000w @ 175 rpm and the rpm is about 10m/s, this means that we will get 3000w @ 10m/s.

For a particular area the wind speed annual average might be 7 m/s for 4000 hrs / yr. The calculation would then be 2.1 x 2000 = 4200kw / yr.

But the area might also have wind of 3m/s for 1500 hrs / yr producing 200w , then the calculation would be 0.2 x 1500 = 300kw / yr

The total power produced for the year would then be 4200 + 300 = 4500kw

 Specification  Explanation
 Blade Physical Dimensions  0.8m x 0.8m, 3 m² x 2 m² = 6 m² swept area
Generator Dimensions 625mm x 155mm
Weight  36 kgs
 Generator  Direct drive, mechanically integrated, weather sealed, permanent magnetic generator
 Power Control  Peak power tracking constantly optimizing turbine output for all sites and wind speeds
 Power  Projected peak power 3 kw @ 175 rpm
 Annual Energy Yield  4500 kwh
 Operating wind speed  Cut in at 3m/s, cut out n/a
 Design Life  20 years
 Rotor construction  Stainless steel
 Power regulation and control  Regulation by controller
 Roof mounting  Depending on roof structure
 Tower Mounting  4m or 7m ground mounted
 Remote monitoring  Remote monitoring operation
 Warranty  5 years on generator and equipment as passed on by OEM