Psiclone Hybrid Technologies is pioneering affordable renewable power generation technologies to address Africa’s power supply shortages.

Our journey to power-up Africa starts at home in South Africa where insufficient power generation capacity has caused rolling blackouts across the country.

In 2009, our founder Samir Buffkins, a South African engineer and former senior energy advisor (Gas insulated Substations and Head of the Specialist Group Heavy Current Equipment) to S A ‘s national energy utility founded Pscilone Hybrid Technologies.

Samir’s vision was to evolve SA’s large coal fired stations into clean micro home power stations. He immersed himself in extensive research and development to devise off-grid solutions which uses clean micro power to meet macro energy needs.

In 2015, after 8 years of intense research and development supported by international science experts and a South African University, Fort Hare, Psiclone Hybrid Technologies launched the world’s first micro wind energy generator which generates power from its very first movement.

Psiclone Hybrid Technologies is headquartered at its research and development centre in Cape Town and also locally manufactures its micro wind generators for supply throughout the country and for export into Africa.