Inverters are electrical devices designed to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
DC is the power that is produced by batteries and solar panels while Ac is the standard power needed to run electrical equipment.


These pure sine wave inverters are specially designed to fulfill the needs of special applications where it is necessary to adapt several parameters of inverters.

  • State-of-Art auto load sense
  • Standard built-in low battery cut-off protection
  • Great overload performance
  • Very efficient stand by circuit
  • Do not affect other equipment such as TV, radlo-vetc.
  • No problem with microwave ovens
  • Extremely efficient
  • Standard specially designed AC – and DC – line filters
  • Can be used anywhere including National Parks
  • Aluminum chassis for harsh environments
  • Built-in Remote Controller Port
  • Compact
  • Simplified system design