Our Solutions

Our micro – wind energy generators operate on a stand- alone basis to meet household , commercial and industrial energy needs. No further products are necessary to provide you with energy efficiency in your home or business

For the more discerning energy users ,we offer an optional hybrid solution consisting of :

Energy Audits

Our energy specialists assess your energy consumption at your home and business. We identify energy hungry equipment which unnecessarily increases your energy costs and we recommend replacement thereof with more energy efficient equipment to lower your energy consumption and resultant costs. For example , a large home may ordinarily require our 3000 watt micro wind energy generator before an energy audit. After our energy audit , a homeowner reduces his/her energy consumption by replacing an energy hungry fridge and stove with a more energy efficient fridge and stove. The homeowner now no longer needs to buy a 3000 watt wind generator and instead only needs to buy  a 1000 watt generator. Our Energy Audits are therefore designed to save you money. Remember that Energy Audits are optional and should you choose to just buy our micro wind energy generators , you’re most welcome to do so.


In terms of a hybrid solution to your energy needs at your home or business , we recommend the installation of  only  two Solar PV panels so that natural sunlight can power your battery pack and ensure power is available to you when wind speeds drop below 4 metres per second.

Psiclone Power Management System

The Power Management system is designed for anywhere where mains power is required. Where you have grid power it can save you money. The system has a pure sine wave inverter, a 4 stage powerful battery charger, and auto transfer switch. You are able to save and with the savings invest in adding solar or wind power to charge the batteries without changing the system.