Product Overview

Psiclone Hybrid Technologies is the proud inventor of a first of a kind micro energy generator which is 100% powered by wind. Designed for use in low wind speeds, our wind energy generator is unique in that it generates power from its very first movement.

Wind of just one metre per second is sufficient for our generator to start generating power. Sustainable power is produced at a wind speed of just 4 metres per second. Keep in mind that 4 metres per second equates to a brisk walking speed and that you therefore require very low speeds to receive power from our wind energy generators.

Excess energy produced by our wind generator is stored in a battery so that you have access to power when there is no wind.

Psiclone wind energy generators function as an independent micro power station for your home or business. Our generators provide clean and affordable power to either take households and businesses completely off-grid or to meet a substantial portion of their energy needs.

We manufacture micro wind energy generators so that its compact size renders it ideal for use in households as well as for commercial and industrial use.

We champion Energy affordability and have therefore developed power generation technology which enables you to either completely eliminate or substantially reduce electricity costs.

Product Range

500W Generator

Producing 500 watts of clean power per hour Ideally suited for rural households and small homes. Will power lights, television, fridge and small household appliances

1000W Generator

Producing 1000 watts of clean power per hour Ideally suited for medium sized homes and small businesses

3000W Generator

Producing 3000w of clean power per hour Ideally suited for larger homes as well as  small to medium sized businesses.

Product Features

  • Long Lasting

    Engineered with high quality steel and designed to be long lasting with lifespan of 20 years

  • Maintenance Free

    Designed with only one moving part with zero friction thereby eliminating need for maintenance.

  • Silent

    Unlike noisy petrol/diesel powered generators , our wind generators do not make any noise and are completely silent

  • Compact & Unobtrusive

    Our wind generators are light weight and compact. Coupled with its simple modular design, it is unobtrusive in your home or business.

Product Pricing

Affordability is a key component of our core value proposition . We provide you with an independent mini power station which supplies you with clean , off -grid power to your home or business at an affordable cost.

We therefore price our micro wind energy generator to ensure that you recover your investment in our product within a period of 3 to 5 years.

After recovering your investment in our wind energy generator , depending on your energy usage , you either never pay for electricity again or you only pay a small fraction thereof.