The Truss Tower & Ground Support systems are designed for loads and is constrained in its horizontal movement.
In general towers and ground support systems are used where the lifting of loads from a building structure is impossible, very expensive,or when traditional telescopic winch stands do not have a sufficient in load capacity.

Towers use a vertical mast of standardized truss as compression absorbing
elements, these have much better strength and stability characteristics than traditional stands.





Model V290-HD3
Connecting Cross Section 240 mm relating to the center-line
Outer Dimensions 290 mm relating to the outer edge
Connection Type Conical Coupler
Main Chord ø 50.8mm X 3.18mm (V290-HD3)
ø 50mm X 2mm (V290-LD3)
Bracing Chord ø 20mm X 2mm
Weight +- 6.2 Kg/M (V290-HD3)
+- 4.7 Kg/M (V290-LD3)